Boost Mobile Review – Telephones, Plans and Prepaid

Boost Mobile is a service supplier that appeals to the target market that is young and fashionable. Sprint provides their policy. Boost Mobile has been providing services for the previous six decades.

Prepaid Plans

Boost Mobile has its pay as you go plan which takes pride. Apart from its Fundamental Prepaid Plan, Boost Mobile includes a Prepaid Premium Plan that has messages packages and moment for 60 per month, 50 and 30. Both Premium and Basic Plans may benefit from the Chat Plan.

Pros and Cons

There are many attractive attributes that want a speed like downloads for the youth market like their Chat Plan. Their prices are particularly for text messages and rates when calling out Boost Mobile like those to Sprint and Nextel subscribers. Their premium plans are not that different. The business offers three monthly programs which are for 60, 50 and 30. Regrettably, Boost mobile does not provide phone units that are refurbished that are free.

Boost Your Overwatch


Minutes are charged at 10 cents for all calls made within the calling area in addition to involving Boost, Nextel and Sprint subscribers. Rates are employed for weekends and nights. The Premium Plans for 50 per month is inclusive of 400 airtime minutes while the 60 program is great for 600 airtime minutes in addition to unlimited minutes during weekends and nights. Exceeding minutes will incur the cost of 10 cents per minute.


All plans have web Access for use and for 35 cents per day. Whether the attribute is utilized, 35 cents is deducted from the subscriber’s funds. A subscriber must phone Boost Mobile’s Customer Support to deactivate the feature.

Text and picture

Text messages under are for 10 cents both for received and text messages and sent. Premium plans can have additional 10 a month for unlimited messages excluding multimedia messages and text messages. Based on telephone compatibility, video, audio and picture messages for both received and sent are for 25 cents per message.


There are different Rates due to their international calls that vary from one country to another. Rates range from 10 cents per minute to more 2.50per minute see Boost Mobile’s site for international calling rates for each country.

Long distance

There are no long distance charges for premium and basic plans for 50 and 30. All calls provided that within the coverage area in addition to mobile-to-mobile and to subscribers of Sprint and Nextel are billed like routine calls at 10 cents a minute. In airtime minutes, long distance calls are included for the premium; surpassing moments will incur the rate of 10 cents.

Customer Service

For customer support and help, overwatch boosting Mobile subscriber contacts them or can call a toll-free telephone amount. Service will respond within two business days.

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