Growing trend myths about open electricity market retailers

While the OEM allows families to enjoy save on their power bills and pricing, some may wonder what the advantages are and how the initiative works. Let us clear up some common misconceptions about the OEM. The OEM is all about the customer, you, using a choice. So whether you remain with SP Group or switch to another retailer, it is your decision. You can also decide to make the switch since there isn’t any deadline for switching. Take Before deciding whether to change or stay the opportunity to understand your options. You can learn more here. Definitely not correct. Should you not switch to a merchant, you would not lose your electricity supply.

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Regardless Of who you decide to purchase electricity from, your power supply remains the same. You may continue to receive electricity through the power grid. The Electricity rates given in all price plans that are normal must be comprehensive. As a result, that you pay the fee as stated by the merchant and there shouldn’t be any additional fees during the contract duration. Compare each of the retailers’ standard price plans utilizing theĀ open electricity market retailers cost tool. Depending On a merchant’s business plan, but it can opt to provide non-standard price plans that might include additional recurring charges such as monthly service fees or power rates that change with your energy consumption peak and flat-rate cost plans. In case discover more about the charges, make certain to read the Fact Sheet of the cost plan and you decide to register for a price program.

Your electricity supply would not be disrupted if the market is excited by your merchant. You will continue to get your electricity supply. If Your OEM retailer exits the current market, they are required to get another retailer who’s ready give the very same terms and conditions and to take over your accounts. In The event that they cannot find a replacement merchant or if you reject their deal that is proposed, you will be moved back to the SP Group. You are free to change to a retailer that is different in the event that you would like to do so. Rest assured that there will be no disturbance to your power supply during the transition period. Another Reason for the difference on your electricity bill might be caused by the billing cycle. Your invoice from your retailer may be pro-rated, and this means the bill of the next month will be higher since it will cover a month of your energy consumption.

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