Alpha Survivalist on Winter Weather in Outdoor

As a mountain climber and outdoor enthusiast, many learned through the years that while harsh winter weather is not something to be feared, it is surely something to be admired. History has taught us that the best weather forecasts are destined to be incorrect,

It is for this reason that mountaineers have developed their list of essentials. Pick up any book on mountaineering or take any course on scaling and you will quickly be introduced into the essentials. Years of experience and hard fortune have educated climbers there are tools that you need to never leave home without to do this will put you and your staff at unnecessary risk.

Likewise, in the event you have some essentials with you, it is likely that you can survive even the worst of conditions. If you are adequately prepared, you can endure almost anything.


Make certain you have the principles to survive. It does not matter if you are a climber or not, the principle of preparation is universal and intense weather is anywhere. We should all be knowledgeable about the principles of Alphasurvivalist and take the necessary actions to make sure that both our houses and vehicles are outfitted for survival. Especially the ones which are really challenging, require physical and psychological competence. Involving oneself in wilderness survival program can help him overcome the numerous challenges in life.

Below are the essentials for winter weather survival that you should not leave home without or stay home without, slightly altered for the non climber.

Clothing and warmth. You should always have fleece or pile socks, pants, shirts, hats and coats in your vehicle. A fleece blanket and goose down jacket and sleeping bag will ensure your relaxation should you get stranded for any amount of time without assistance or power. Bear in mind, climbers live for days in negative degree temperature through some of the worst states in tents simply because they have the perfect clothing.

2 Non-perishable food. You should have three days worth of food storage in your automobile during the winter. Store MRE’s or other dehydrated foods and power bars to stave off the hunger in case of a protracted stay in your vehicle.

3 Water or Water filtration capability. When you are surrounded by snow, you are surrounded by water, assuming that you have a way to melt and purify the water. Water purifiers and purification tablets are essential for the climber, and you ought to have both in your car emergency kit. Remember, the human body can last weeks without food, but only a few days without water.

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