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Are you a first time shipper; or one who is fairly new to it; and trying to get freight quotes from various shipping companies? You would find it tough unless you find a good Freight Shipping Solutions Provider who has an online presence; one that provides you a one-stop solution for your many shipping needs, including the most competitive Freight Quotes.

You, as a customer, are now going through a fortunate period in time, when freight companies are fiercely competing against each other to delight you with deep discounts and wanting to win you over! Apart from providing you with great rates, good solutions providers also provide you with an array of freight quotes and freight companies to choose from. Some of them are one-stop shops where you would get all types of assistance, right from the time you look for competitive freight quotes until the time your goods safely reach the intended destination. So how do you go about getting the best freight quotes and compare rates of the best carriers?


Get on to the internet, open a quick search engine like Google and find a good freight shipping solutions provider. If you have done this, 80% of your job is done. It is, however, easier said than done, because everyone who has a presence on the net would claim that they are the best! It pays to know how to identify the best freight shipping solutions provider who can research and provide you with the best freight quotes. Let us now understand what the characteristics of a good freight shipping solutions provider are.

A good freight shipping solutions provider would have simple and easy-to-use software working behind, which would ask you to fill, on their website, certain minimum information it needs in order to be able to provide you with competitive freight quotes. It would help you to look up zip codes, if you do not know them. Once you submit the information, it would quickly throw out four or five options of freight companies with their freight quotes, along with related information like how long they would take to deliver the goods to the intended destination. It would, further, allow you to book the shipment with a freight company of your choice, one that offers the best freight quotes. If you are too busy and do not have time for all this, they would be willing to have someone call you. You would only need to provide them with the information they seek, and they would instantaneously provide you a freight rates comparison of the best freight companies. A one-stop solutions provider, apart from making the best freight quotes available, would help you track your shipments online. They would accept small shipments, and would even be willing to offer you packaging services for your consignments.

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