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Tips for Unloading the Moving Truck to Stay Organized

I had great intentions of being organized during our recent move. While I did a good job of packing and labeling boxes in an organized manner, I fell short in the actual moving process. We moved over several days since it was a local move. The boxes got shoved wherever there was room to just get through the moving process. Here are some times to be better organized when you unload your truck.


If you want to be organized as you unload the truck, you need to think well before you move the first box. Keeping the packing and loading process organized is necessary to keep the unloading organized. Always pack similar items that will go to the same room in a box. When you start mixing items from different rooms, you make the boxes much more difficult to sort. Pick up some small boxes for those last few items so you aren’t tempted to lump it all together in one big box.

As you start packing, have a designated stacking area for the boxes. Stack items from the same room together. Start a pile for master bedroom items, for example. Start a new pile for bathroom items. You’ll be glad you took the time to sort the boxes out before the move. reverse logistics


Moving day is here and you’re ready to load the truck. Don’t just start tossing boxes inside. Think about how you want to unload the truck. Save out all of the items you want to unload last. These are likely the items that you’ll want to get to right away. If you unload them last, they won’t get buried under all of the other boxes and items.


You’ve finally arrived at your new house. Of course you’re excited to get things unpacked, but don’t just start stacking. Decide where you plan to put all of the items before you unload. Will you take them directly to the rooms where they belong? Will you stack them in a central location for now?

We moved most of the furniture directly to the rooms. We also carried all of the kitchen items to the kitchen right away because we knew we wanted to get that room set up first. The rest of the items stayed in the garage initially until we could go through the boxes.

If you do stack everything in one central location, such as a garage or bonus room, stack items for the same room together. Create a separate area for living room boxes, for example. You’ll likely be living out of boxes for a while. Having all of the items from one room together makes it a little easier to find the one thing you need.

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